To view or comment on a planning application visit click here and you will be taken to the planning page of the Herefordshire Council website.  Enter the six digit planning application number into the application search box and select the application.  You will be able to view documents and representations on the application and also submit comments.

Herefordshire Council have a statutory duty to consider any ‘material considerations’ when determining planning applications.  A brief guide to material considerations can be found here

Planning applications in the parish:

171594, Broad Green, Brampton Road, Madley – Application for removal of Condition 5 of Planning Permission SS980664PF.

171375, Brampton Hill Farm, Wormbridge – Extensions to first floor.

164085, Brightwells Auction Site, Stoney Street Industrial Estate, Madley – Application to vary conditions 3 and 4 of planning permission 163117.

170192, Handlands Cross Cottage, Lulham, Madley – Proposed first floor extension.

170227, Stokes Cottage, Stone Street, Madley – Propose to extend the rear of attached garage.  Original garage already extends 2.8 metres beyond original rear wall.  The proposed extension will be 4.2 metres beyond original garage wall.  The maximum height of the proposed extension will be 4 metres and the height of the eaves of the proposed extension will be 2.4 metres.

164004,  Upper Chilstone, Madley – Construction of a 6000 Bird Extension to an Existing Free Range Egg Production Unit.

164006, Upper Chilstone, Madley – Construction of a 5900 Bird Extension to an Existing Free Range Egg Production Unit.

163412, Lawnsdown Nurseries, Brampton Road, Madley – Proposed change of use from agricultural building to auction house.

163370, Stoney Court Poultry Ltd, Stone Street, Madley – Redevelopment of Existing Poultry Unit Involving the Decommissioning of 4 No. Existing Poultry Buildings and the Erection of 8 No. Replacement Poultry Units Together with Associated Infrastructure of Feed Bins, Site Office, Hard Standings and Drainage Attenuation Pond.

163119, Brightwells Auction Site, Stoney Street Industrial Estate, Madley – Variation of condition 3 (P142276/F) extend the permission of the modular building by 2 years.

163117, Brightwells Auction Site, Stoney Street Industrial Estate, Madley – Variation of condition 8 (102843/F) to extend the permission of the modular building by 2 years.

162714, Cornerstone, Madley – Agricultural portal frame building for livestock and rearing goats.

162770, Land off Stone Street, Nr Madley – Small Scale Gas Fired Energy Reserve Facility and Ancillary Infrastructure.

162652, Lower Lulham Farm, Lulham, Madley – Propose to convert the granary into a 2 bedroom dwelling.

162435, 7 Archenfield, Madley – Proposed side extension.

162428, The Laurels Farm, Webton Court Lane, Kingstone – Extension of occupation of log cabin approved for temporary accommodation under DCSW2003/1458/F, until, from date of approval for two years.

161926, Danmek Cottage, The Forty Farm Road, Madley – A ‘hangman’ style sign made up of four connected signs hanging from a structure placed in our garden, hanging over the boundary hedge advertising our plant centre.

162278, Upper Wormhill Farm, Eaton Bishop – Proposed dwellinghouse.

162113, Tyberton Shoot Hut, Shenmore, Madley – Replacement shoot hut with associated car parking and landscaping.

160294, Land adjacent to Foxfields, Madley – Proposed change of use of field into residential curtilage.

161667 and 161668, The Weir Nursing Home, Swainshill – Adaptation of existing outbuilding and extension to existing building to create additional accommodation for the existing nursing home.

161828, Bage House Farm, Lulham, Madley – Change of use of redundant agricultural building into dwelling, including creation of new domestic curtilage, driveway and highways access.

161412, Stoney Court Poultry Ltd, Stone Street, Madley – Redevelopment of existing poultry unit involving the decommissioning of 4 No. existing poultry buildings and the erection of 8 No. replacement poultry units together with associated infrastructure of feed bins, site office, hardstandings and drainage attenuation pond.  Amended plans received.

161006, Sennen Croft, Woodyatts Lane, Madley – Proposed extensions and alterations to house and garage.

160869, Moor Cottage, Canon Bridge, Madley – Proposed conversion of former dwelling to garage and carport.

160696, Outbuilding at Walnut Tree Cottage, 2 Rosemary Lane, Madley – Change of use from summer house to hair salon.

160770, Upperton, 4 Town House Court, Madley – Proposed new entrance doorway to replace existing and new external stone steps and landing.

160623, New House Cottage, Madley – Proposed tack room, stables and hay shed.

160384, Orchard View, 4 Great Brampton Park, Madley – Proposed windows in rear elevation.

131913, Brightwells Auction at the former Madley Airfield, Stoney Street, Madley – Variation of Condition 15 of permission S102843/F to allow 2 no. sales per month (fortnightly).

160044, The Yard, Brampton Road, Madley – Proposed demolition of redundant commercial business premises and redevelopment of the site with up to four dwellings.

153633, Canon Bridge Farm, Canon Bridge, Madley – Proposed change of use of traditional agricultural buildings to five dwelling houses, associated works and new vehicle entrance.

153564, Land adjacent to Town House, Madley – Proposed variation of condition 2 of planning permission P140210/F (Proposed construction of 3 detached dwellings) – amendment to the approved plans.

153204, Kingstone High School, Kingstone – Proposed single storey extension to create fitness room adjacent to existing sports hall.  Alterations to existing tennis court enclosures.

153095, Moor Cottage, Madley – Retention of unauthorised works deviating from permissions DCSW2007/2365 & DCSW2009/0765/F, together with further alterations including changes to openings, external finishes and garage.  (Retrospective).  Comments by 2nd December 2015.

152975, Handlands Cross Cottage, Madley – Proposed single storey dwelling extension and construction of new detached garage.  Comments by 5th November 2015.

152861, Lower House, Madley – Alterations to plot 2 of previously approved scheme 132700/F.  Comments by 23rd October 2015.

152480 and 152482, Red Lion Inn, Madley – Proposed installation of new metal fence to front elevation to replace existing wooden fence. Installation of wooden picket fence to side elevation.  Comments by 7th October 2015.

152563, Land at Parkway Farm, Madley – Proposed biomass heating packaged plant room. To house 1 no. 600kWh biomass boiler and 2 no. 300kWh LPG gas boilers as back up. Also to house 1 no. 9,000 litre hot water buffer vessel and internal wood chip/pellet store with 20 tonne capacity. To provide heating to 8 no. existing poultry sheds.  Comments by 7th October 2015.